Call Center AI Software Providers

The "call center AI" software category includes providers which offer products or services (other than speech AI) that utilize AI techniques to improve interactions.

Call center AI applications are one of the hottest categories of CX applications in 2024. Artificial intelligence is supercharging call center operations in a number of ways. For example, call center AI can improve customer self-service, allowing automated attendants to handle customer inquiries with amazing human-sounding voices. These automated attendants can interact with customers in either inbound or outbound interactions. Thanks to improvements in machine learning, and the advent of large language models, call center AI applications can access databases of information such as CRMs and knowledge bases, allowing virtual agents to interact with customers to look up customer records, provide answers to frequently asked questions, or even handle sophisticated sales calls.

Call center AI applications can significantly reduce the cost of call center operations, by allowing virutal agents to handle interactions that otherwise would require a higher cost human agent. These virtual agents can often be more accurate and efficient than a human agent.

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