Click to Call Software Providers

"Click to Call" software allows businesses to put code on one or more webpages which then enables customers to click on a button or link to initiate a call. Typically, click to call software requires the user to enter a phone number the customer can be reached at (although some click to call vendors allow the calls to be delivered to the customer via the browser).

Click to call software makes it easier to connect a customer to a business, removing the friction associated with requiring a user to manually dial a business. Further, click to call software can ensure that a customer inquiry is handled more efficiently, as click to call interactions can pass information from the web page that the customer is viewing to the agent who handles the call.

As an example, imagine a customer who is viewing a specific product offering from a merchant catalog. A click to call button on that product page can pass the information to a call center agent, who will immediately know which product the customer is calling about.

The result can be improved efficiency for the agent with a shorter call time as well as reduced frustration for the customer.

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