Cobrowsing Software Providers

"Cobrowse" or "Cobrowsing" software is software that allows a CX agent to share a browsing screen with a customer. Cobrowsing can be an important customer experience feature in some industries. For example, cobrowsing can be helpful in helping a customer navigate a complex form or perform diagnostics on a computer or other device.

We classify CX providers in the "Cobrowsing Software" category if the software is primarily designed to facilitate cobrowsing. Many platform providers (such as CCAAS platform providers) have native cobrowsing features in their platform. These providers are not classified in the Cobrowsing Software category.

At CXspy, we track 7 companies in the Cobrowse category. Only a few of these companies are shown below. Subscribers can access details about all 7 companies in the Cobrowse