Lead Management Software Providers

"Lead Management" software is an important tool in many customer experience interactions. Lead Management is particularly important in outbound interactions, where a company is contacting a large number of customers.

Many Lead Management software providers integrate with other platforms and tools. For example, lead management software may integrate with a CCAAS or UCAAS platform to provide advanced lead management capabilities to an outbound calling or messaging campaign.

Lead management software helps to ensure that customers are contacted promptly and with the appropriate messaging.

Many lead management software providers include APIs or integrations with lead collection points. For example, leads may be collected from web forms, from phone calls, and other sources and then distributed or managed using the lead management software.

We classify providers in the "Lead Management" category if their product offering is primarily related to lead management. Many platforms (such as messaging, CCAAS, etc. have built-in lead management features). Those platforms are not classified in the Lead Management category, but are instead classified in their primary category.

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