Call Scripting Software Providers

"Call Center Scripting Software" (aka "scripting software" or "agent scripting") is software that guides an agent through an interaction with a customer.

Call scripting providers often provide integrations so that the scripting software can be used in an agent desktop associated with call center software. When a call (or other interaction) is presented to a call center agent, the call scripting software presents information to the agent to handle the call.

Call scripting software is often a turbo-charged web form builder, that allows administrators to create dynamic call scripts for use by agents.

Common use-cases for call scripting software include interactions where regulatory requirements need to be presented (e.g., such as in sales calls) and help desk situations (call scripting software is great to help an agent walk a user through a technical or diagnostic issue).

Call scripting software makes it easier to train agents (they don't need to know the answer to every question -- the scripting software guides the agent through an interaction) and can also lead to a much better customer experience.

We classify provides in the "Call Scripting" category if their product is primarily focused on call scripting. Many CCAAS platforms include call scripting as features in their software, but those providers are not included in this category.

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