CX Agent Desktop Software Providers

An "Agent Desktop" is software that a CX agent (such as a call center agent, a help desk agent, etc) interacts with on their computer. Most current agent desktops are browser-based (rather than specific applications that need to be launched from the agent's computer).

An intuitive and user-friendly agent desktop can be the difference between productive and happy agents and inefficient and frustrated agents.

A good agent desktop should allow an agent to efficiently perform their tasks in a single screen and easily access resources to handle customer questions. For example, a good call center agent desktop will provide the agent with details about the person they are speaking with, details of the context of the interaction (e.g., is this an inbound call on a customer service helpline? A customer calling about an order? etc.) Agent desktop software may also include scripting software that helps guide the agent through an interaction.

We categorize providers as belonging in the "Agent Desktop" category if their product is primarily focused on the agent desktop. Many provides in the CCAAS category have integrated agent desktops in their software (but since the agent desktop feature is not the primary feature of a CCAAS provider, these providers are not categorized in the "Agent Desktop" category).

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