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TeleMate Call Center Analytics helps users "take charge" of their UC&C stack, allowing them to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze their entire voice, team collaboration, contact center, video, messaging, gateways and border elements quickly, efficiently, and proactively. TeleMate focuses on providing advanced solutions for monitoring, troubleshooting, and analysis of a wide array of communication elements. The company targets the vital needs within enterprises to maintain seamless communication channels, from voice and video to messaging and contact center operations. Recognizing the heavy burden that maintaining such an intricate system places on IT departments, positions itself as an essential tool in the arsenal of any organization that aims to enhance C-Suite objectives, mitigate unforeseen communication barriers, and thereby streamline operations across the board. offers a robust Predictive UC Analytics platform that is engineered to empower users to monitor, analyze, and report on the entire UC&C stack with a proactive approach. This platform is essential for solving communication problems before they escalate and for advancing business initiatives effectively. With functionalities like customizable, real-time dashboards that integrate data from multiple sources and make it accessible for IT staff, contact center personnel, and executive management, streamlines the process of decision-making and operational efficiency.

TeleMate  Features specializes in providing unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) analytics and monitoring solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of business needs. Here's a summary of the main features and benefits of TeleMate.Net's offerings:

1. **Comprehensive UC&C Analytics Suite**: TeleMate.Net Software delivers a wide-ranging suite of analytic products specifically designed for unified communications and collaboration. This suite covers the entire UC&C ecosystem, including voice, video, instant messaging/presence, email, application sharing, contact center solutions, and more.

2. **Predictive UC Analytics™**: A standout feature, Predictive UC Analytics™, positions itself as the first universal solution that spans the full unified communications stack. It offers predictive insights and actionable data not just for IT teams but also for business stakeholders, fostering informed decision-making processes.

3. **Universal UC Analytics Solution**: The software is heralded as a universal solution because of its robust capabilities across the entire UC stack, including voice, video, IM/presence, and contact centers. It's component and manufacturer agnostic, providing visibility into blended environments that may include solutions from Cisco, Microsoft, Polycom, Avaya, and others.

4. **Enhanced Monitoring and Analytics Capabilities**: TeleMate.Net Software has introduced enhanced functions for better visibility and reduced downtime for UC&C components, supporting today’s digital workplace. These capabilities integrate predictive analytics with monitoring tools to simplify troubleshooting.

5. **Scalability**: The Predictive UC Analytics platform is designed to scale from small enterprises with 250 users to large service providers with an unlimited number of users. This flexibility ensures that both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large corporations can leverage the software effectively.

6. **Support for Various Deployment Models**: The software supports a wide range of UC&C deployment models, including on-premises, UC as a Service (UCaaS), and hybrid solutions. This makes TeleMate.Net an adaptable choice for different organizational needs and technology strategies.

7. **Role-Based Access to Analytics**: To facilitate organization-wide utilization and benefit, the platform offers role-based access. This granular control allows different managers and team members access tailored to their specific needs, enabling more accurate planning and further rollout of UC&C capabilities.

8. **Business Impact Analytics**: Beyond technical analytics, TeleMate.Net encourages organizations to correlate UC&C usage with crucial business metrics such as revenue, customer satisfaction, and churn rates. This approach helps in directly assessing the impact of UC&C on business results.

9. **Comprehensive Support and Services**: Recognizing the importance of a seamless implementation and efficient use, TeleMate.Net extends a variety of support, training, and consulting services. This ensures customers can maximize the value of their investment in UC&C technology.

TeleMate  Pricing, through its Predictive UC Analytics offering, has a pricing model of $9,995 per user per year.

TeleMate  Customers customers include:

-Adventist Health Systems

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TeleMate's Three Decades of Technology Partnership With Cisco Systems Expands to Webex by Cisco App Hub
TeleMate, a leading developer of vendor-neutral monitoring and analytics solutions for unified communications, announces the addition of its Predictive UC Monitoring and Analytics solution to the Webex by Cisco App Hub. This addition will provide enhanced visibility into the Webex Suite of Solutions, bridging critical visibility gaps and aiding in managing the migration journey from on-premise to cloud.

August 25, 2023

TeleMate's Three Decades of Technology Partnership With Cisco Systems Expands to Webex by Cisco App Hub
TeleMate's Predictive UC Monitoring and Analytics solution has been added to the Webex by Cisco App Hub, providing enhanced visibility into the entire suite of Cisco products. This solution aims to help organizations manage the migration from on-premise to cloud and deliver complete monitoring and analytics for both on-premise and cloud solutions.

August 03, 2023

TeleMate Provides Cisco Live 2023 Attendees With the Answer to Cradle-to-Grave UC&C Monitoring & Analytics ...
Vendor-Neutral UC&C Monitoring, Analytics, and Reporting. ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2023 / TeleMate, the leading developer of...

July 03, 2023

TeleMate Provides Cisco Live 2023 Attendees With the Answer to Cradle-to-Grave UC&C Monitoring & Analytics ...
TeleMate, the provider of unified communications, collaboration, and contact center monitoring platforms, will showcase its solution for remote and hybrid deployments at Cisco Live 2023 in Las Vegas from June 5 to 8. The platform aims to offer predictive capabilities and proactive troubleshooting for complex UC&C environments, targeting frustrated administrators in need of quick and efficient solutions.

June 13, 2023

TeleMate Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type II Audit
TeleMate, a leader in unified communication monitoring and analytic platforms, has achieved its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II certification, demonstrating its commitment to security and compliance. The certification validates TeleMate's focus on managing customer data based on trust service principles, such as security, availability, and processing integrity.

June 10, 2023

TeleMate Unveils Its Innovative Solution to Solving UC&C Visibility Challenges Created by Remote and Hybrid Workers
TeleMate, a leading provider of vendor-neutral UC&C monitoring solutions, will showcase its innovative approach for addressing remote and hybrid workforce visibility challenges at Enterprise Connect 2023 in Orlando (March 27-30). Their CEO, Steve Tabaska, emphasized the need to bridge the information gap between office-based and remote workers, offering an end-to-end approach for complete visibility and alignment with customers' monitoring needs.

April 27, 2023

Telmate data breach leaked personal info for millions of prisoners
Telmate, the company behind the prison phone service app GettingOut, left millions of inmates' and their contacts' data exposed online, including identifiable information and personal correspondences. The unsecured database containing 11 million records of inmates and 227 million message records was discovered by a security researcher from Comparitech, prompting Telmate owner Global Tel Link to secure the database and attribute the incident to actions of one of its vendors.

October 14, 2020

Telmate unveils new inmate tablet introduces a new specially designed tablet for inmate use, called the TelmateTablet. The tablet offers various services such as continuing education, counseling, legal research, and more, and comes with secure case options and VPN connectivity.

September 19, 2020