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About Speech AI Software is a generative AI company focused on innovative speech solutions with the overarching goal of enhancing speech clarity to improve understanding and facilitate more effective communication. The company's roots are deeply embedded in the technology sector, with its founder, Ofer, having sold three tech startups, two to Google and one to IAC, and spending significant time developing contact center AI solutions within Google's Area 120 incubator. Ofer's expertise in artificial intelligence is further underscored by his academic background, holding an MS in Computer Engineering with a specialization in AI from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from Cornell.'s primary product offering revolves around AI-based voice clarity software, designed to make agent calls clearer and more efficient. This technology targets the customer service sector by providing a solution that softens the accents of offshore agents. This approach not only enhances the intelligibility of speech for the listener but also aims to maintain an element of the agent's accent and cultural identity, thereby striking a careful balance between improving customer experience and respecting linguistic diversity. The product is particularly valuable in offshore call center operations, where it can improve the trust and understanding between agents and customers, addressing common challenges such as frustration or difficulty in understanding due to unfamiliar accents.  Features features include:

1. **Clearer Pronunciation**: utilizes AI to soften the accent of agents in real-time as they speak. This feature is designed to work for both heavily and lightly accented agents, making their speech easier to understand for customers based on their geographic location.

2. **Improve Voice Quality**: The software enhances the voice quality of agents by addressing common voice issues such as being hard to hear, breathy, or choppy speech.

3. **Noise Cancellation**: includes a noise cancellation feature that effectively removes background noises common in sales and support calls.  Pricing

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Recent News

Ofer Ronen, Co-Founder and CEO of – Interview Series, the contact center AI startup focused on accent softening, recently raised a $10 million funding round to support its product launch and reshape the future of global communication and work. The voice filters developed by aim to improve clarity for callers and build trust, potentially impacting offshore agents' performance metrics and improving sales and support call metrics.

March 15, 2024