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PolyAI Conversational Intelligence Software

PolyAI is a company developing customer-led conversational platforms tailored for the enterprise sector. The company focuses on enhancing customer service through the application of advanced conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. PolyAI addresses traditional issues in customer service interactions, such as long wait times and the inefficiency of voice response systems.

The company’s suite of products and services revolves around leveraging voice AI to transform the customer service landscape. PolyAI develops voice assistants capable of conducting natural, human-like conversations to resolve customer inquiries. These AI-driven assistants are designed to handle a broad range of tasks, from intent detection and call routing to bookings, reservations, and troubleshooting, all the while ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience. These solutions boast impressive capabilities, such as remembering customer information throughout conversations, thus reducing repetition and frustration. Additionally, PolyAI’s technology is used for authenticating users, managing accounts, tracking orders, and facilitating automated payments, showcasing a versatile application across various customer service scenarios.

PolyAI  Features

PolyAI offers advanced voice assistant technologies aimed at enhancing the customer service experience across various industries. The solutions provided by PolyAI are designed to conduct natural conversations with customers, solving both routine and complex queries efficiently. Here's a summary of the key features and services provided by PolyAI for business users:

1. **Natural Conversational Interfaces**: PolyAI's voice assistants enable natural, flowing conversations with customers, making interactions more human-like and less structured than traditional IVR systems.

2. **24/7 Customer Support**: The technology allows businesses to offer round-the-clock support, ensuring that every call is answered immediately, which significantly reduces wait times and improves overall customer satisfaction.

3. **Efficiency and Scalability**: By resolving up to 50% of customer calls without human agent intervention, PolyAI's voice AI reduces call volume, enabling contact centers to manage resources more effectively and scale support in line with demand.

4. **Improved Customer Insights**: Access to structured conversational data helps businesses understand customer needs better and identify areas for operational improvement, further automating the customer journey.

5. **Proactive Issue Resolution**: The technology can detect patterns in customer inquiries, allowing businesses to address potential issues before they escalate, thus reducing complaints and enhancing satisfaction.

6. **Agent Satisfaction**: By handling a significant portion of calls, voice assistants relieve human agents of the burden of repetitive inquiries, allowing them to concentrate on more complex and rewarding tasks.

7. **Cost Reduction**: PolyAI's solutions can operate with 100% utilization, implying you only pay for active working time.

8. **Revenue Generation**: Beyond handling inquiries, PolyAI's voice assistants can actively generate revenue by taking reservations, scheduling appointments, collecting payment information, and completing transactions.

9. **Security Enhancements**: With Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), PolyAI offers a secure, conversational means to verify customer identities, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks and improving trust.

10. **Use Cases**: PolyAI's technology supports a wide array of customer service transactions, including intent detection and call routing, bookings and reservations, authentication, troubleshooting, managing FAQs, account management, order management, billing and payments, and personalized services.

11. **Data-Driven Insights**: The collection and analysis of conversational data provide businesses with actionable insights, improving operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and enabling real-time adjustments to service strategies.

PolyAI  Pricing

PolyAI offers a simple and scalable pricing model for the ongoing use of its voice assistant. The service is priced on a per-minute basis. This per-minute pricing includes proactive performance improvements, maintenance, and 24/7 support, ensuring that clients can scale their voice assistant across their organization and use cases with transparency and confidence.

PolyAI  Customers

PolyAI customers include:

-Big Table Group



-Golden Nugget

-Carnival UK

-Citizens Advice Scotland

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PolyAI's New Brand Demonstrates High Fidelity to the Voice Channel
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