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About Conversational Intelligence Software is a software provider in the category of AI-powered conversation intelligence, offering solutions designed for sales and customer service teams. guides each conversation with real-time intelligence, ensuring a superior experience for both agents and end users. The company's proprietary compliance engine plays a critical role in screening all outbound communications against various regulatory frameworks, including TCPA, collections, state, federal, and other Do-Not-Call lists.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is a privately held company specializing in several key areas such as TCPA and DNC Compliance, Conversation Intelligence, and Sentiment Analysis, among others.

The products and services offered by revolve around enhancing call effectiveness and agent performance through advanced technological solutions. By providing real-time recommendations and necessary content through spoken keywords during calls, equips agents with the tools needed for immediate improvement in call quality through advanced sentiment analysis. This real-time guidance ensures the creation of "the perfect conversation" every time, addressing the nuances of agent onboarding, conversation analytics, contact center analytics, and more. Additionally,’s focus on artificial intelligence, telemarketing compliance, and call effectiveness through speech analytics and agent and rep coaching underscores its commitment to elevating the standards of conversation intelligence and automated compliance solutions in the industry.  Features offers a suite of services geared towards enhancing customer interactions, ensuring compliance, and leveraging AI-powered conversation intelligence across various industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, contact centers, automotive, manufacturing, travel, and hospitality. The platform is designed to guide the entire customer experience from the first contact through the entire lifecycle, enabling organizations to fully own customer conversations.

Key features of include:

1. **Call Recording and Conversation Intelligence**: captures and analyzes customer interactions, providing insights into conversation dynamics.

2. **Real-time AI Guided Coaching**: The platform offers in-the-moment guided selling, empowering sales and customer service teams with AI-driven prompts and advice during calls.

3. **Multi-channel Sales Cadences**: supports multi-channel communication strategies, allowing businesses to engage customers via their preferred channels effectively.

4. **Amplify Learning Management System**: The inclusion of a learning management system within facilitates the ongoing training and development of team members, ensuring they're up-to-date with the latest sales techniques and compliance requirements.

5. **Robust Compliance Protection**: Originating from a need to maintain compliance across telemarketing activities, offers robust solutions to ensure businesses stay compliant with regulations, no matter the complexity of their operation environment or the variety of communication channels used.

6. **Pipeline Acceleration and Deal Advancement**: By providing targeted messaging and advanced sales methods, helps sales teams increase their pipeline by 25%, advance deals by 15%, and ramp up new representatives by 35%, effectively accelerating revenue recognition.

7. **CRM Cadence Optimization**: Integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enhances the effectiveness of sales and customer service cadences, improving the chances of converting prospects into profitable customers.  Pricing does not publish their pricing.  Customers's software and services are utilized by various customers and users across multiple industries, emphasizing its versatility and widespread application for improving sales call effectiveness and compliance management. One notable customers is T-Mobile, a prominent telecommunications provider in the US. T-Mobile employed the Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform to enhance its sales call effectiveness by more than 50%. This platform was selected to address the challenges faced by T-Mobile's sales organization, which operates under several business units and brands, each utilizing multiple calling environments. The Gryphon ONE platform offered T-Mobile a comprehensive solution that included thorough screening profiles for compliance, integration with Salesforce for seamless operation, dynamic dashboards for real-time monitoring and insights, call recording with redaction for privacy, and targeted speech analytics to measure and improve sales call performance. This case study exemplifies how's solutions can significantly benefit large, distributed sales organizations by increasing contact effectiveness, ensuring compliance, and providing actionable insights for continuous improvement. Socials
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