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Convin provides call center software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the quality and efficiency of customer service interactions. At its core, Convin is an AI-backed contact center software that specializes in conversation intelligence. This platform is designed to record, transcribe, and analyze customer conversations across various communication channels. By doing so, Convin provides invaluable insights into customer needs, behaviors, and satisfaction levels, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions. The origin of Convin stems from an understanding of the challenges businesses face in capturing and leveraging the wealth of information contained within customer conversations. Recognizing the potential to transform these interactions into actionable insights and improve organizational performance, Convin was developed as a solution to enable easy access to the ‘voice of the customer.’

Convin's suite of products and services focuses on improving various aspects of call center operations through conversation intelligence technology. Major benefits of using Convin include the ability to audit 100% of customer interactions across channels, automate repetitive tasks, reduce agent ramp-up time significantly, and enhance overall agent productivity. Convin’s platform can monitor compliance, facilitate auto-coaching sessions to address improvement areas, and notably increase sales conversions and customer satisfaction ratings. Among its key features are call recording and transcription, keyword filtering for easy navigation through call transcripts, advanced conversation analytics to unearth critical customer insights, and personalized coaching for agents based on AI-driven performance metrics. Convin supports a wide range of integrations with customer engagement platforms, CRMs, and other essential sales tools. Additionally, Convin emphasizes data security and privacy, implementing robust measures to protect sensitive customer and call information.

Convin  Features is an AI-backed contact center solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of call centers by providing a comprehensive suite of tools for conversation intelligence. Features of include:

1. **Call Analytics**: Provides a deep analysis of calls, including call recording, leveraging machine learning for call analysis, and leading qualification.

2. **Agent Performance Management**: Focuses on improving customer service representatives' performance through detailed analytics and performance insights.

3. **Conversation Intelligence**: At the core of's offering is its powerful conversation intelligence capability, which records, transcribes, and analyzes customer conversations. This technology not only captures every word but also analyses conversations for deal intelligence, spotting opportunities, and identifying best sales practices.

4. **Automated Quality Assurance (QA)**: The platform automates the entire call auditing process for 100% of customer conversations. It creates custom reporting, making manual quality assurance processes more accessible and significantly saving time by highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement across agents.

5. **Custom Reporting and Analytics**: offers detailed reports and analytics, providing insights into call quality and agent performance.

6. **Automated Agent Coaching**: Leveraging the insights gained from call quality and analytics, provides personalized coaching to agents.

7. **Omnichannel Support**: supports omnichannel contact centers, ensuring that quality audits and conversation intelligence extend across calls, chats, and emails.

8. **Integration with Platforms like Aircall**: integrates with other platforms such as Aircall, enhancing visibility into every deal and ensuring that customer interactions are captured and analyzed comprehensively for actionable insights.

Convin  Pricing

Convin offers multiple solutions for contact center automation. Pricing starts at USD $19.00 per month, although specific details about what this plan includes or if there are additional pricing tiers and services available beyond this starting point are not publicly available.

Convin  Customers

Customers or users of's software and services include:



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Recent Convin News raises $2.1 million in funding from Kalaari Capital, others, an AI-driven platform for virtual assisted selling for businesses, has raised $2.1 million (Rs 16 crore) in its seed funding round led by Kalaari Capital with participation from Good Capital, Plan B Innovations, Bharat Founders Fund, and Digital Sparrow.

June 06, 2022

Convin, India’s leading AI-driven platform that reimagines virtual assisted selling for businesses, raises Rs. 16 crore in seed round led by Kalaari Capital, an AI-driven platform for virtual assisted selling, has raised Rs 16 crore in seed funding led by Kalaari Capital, aiming to enhance its assisted selling platform and expand its teams. The platform aims to address challenges such as increasing conversion rates, observability of sales processes, conversational intelligence, and improving customer experience for businesses across various industries.

June 01, 2022

Convin Raises $2.1M in Seed Funding
Bengaluru-based startup raised $2.1M in Seed funding led by Kalaari Capital to enhance its virtual assisted selling platform and expand its teams. The platform, co-founded by IIT Delhi alumni, aims to improve customer interactions, automate conversation analysis, and enhance end-customer experiences for businesses across various industries.

June 01, 2022

Bengaluru based raises Rs 16 crore in seed funding has raised Rs 16 crore in seed funding led by Kalaari Capital, with plans to enhance its assisted selling platform and expand its teams. The platform aims to address challenges such as increased conversion rates, sales process observability, conversational intelligence, and improved customer experience for businesses.

May 30, 2022 raises $2.1 million in funding from Kalaari Capital, others
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May 30, 2022

Kalaari Capital backs AI-based platform in seed funding has raised Rs 16 crore in seed funding led by Kalaari Capital, with plans to enhance its assisted selling platform and expand its teams. The AI-driven platform helps businesses improve sales through conversation intelligence, and its co-founder expressed confidence in transforming the model of assisted selling.

May 30, 2022

Convin raises Rs 2.5 crore from Titan Capital, 9Unicorns
Convin, a company specializing in conversation analysis for sales teams, has raised Rs 2.5 crore in a pre-seed round of funding led by Titan Capital and 9Unicorns. The Bengaluru-based company plans to use the funds to develop its products and build the core team to achieve product-market fit.

July 15, 2021

[Funding alert] Conversation intelligence platform Convin raises Rs 2.5Cr from Titan Capital, 9Unicorns
Bengaluru startup raised Rs 2.5 crore in a pre-seed round led by Titan Capital and 9Unicorns, with key participation from notable investors. The funds will be used to develop the product and expand the team to achieve product-market fit for the conversation analysis platform tailored for sales teams.

July 04, 2021