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Whippy.ai offers an all-in-one SMS and email platform designed to enhance business productivity and customer engagement through automation and AI-driven solutions.Whippy.ai leverages the power of SMS and email, integrating automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline interactions between businesses and their clients. This approach not only facilitates a more efficient communication process but also significantly improves the overall experience for both parties involved. Whippy.ai's platform is particularly advantageous for growing teams, enabling them to collaborate effectively, assign conversations to specific members, and ensure there's no confusion regarding message ownership or task delegation.

Whippy.ai offers a suite of products and services designed to automate and enhance various aspects of customer communication. One of their standout features is the shared inbox, which allows teams to collaborate by sending texts, collecting pictures and documents, and tracking client engagement with website links in real-time. Furthermore, Whippy's AI-driven automation capabilities enable businesses to answer frequent customer questions without manual intervention, add Q&As specific to their business needs, and automate campaigns to efficiently manage contacts and follow-ups. The platform's ability to handle mass messaging with ease, coupled with its integration features like indeed for applicant sourcing, showcases its versatility across sales, marketing, and customer support domains.

Whippy  Features

Here's a breakdown of the primary features that Whippy.ai offers:

1. **Sales Automation**: The platform enables automatic follow-ups with potential customers, thus ensuring that leads are engaged swiftly and efficiently.

2. **Team Assignments and Monitoring**: Users love the ability to assign tasks to team members and monitor their progress.

3. **Mass Messaging**: The ease of sending mass messages is highlighted as a significant advantage. This functionality is particularly beneficial for marketing campaigns and broad communication objectives, enabling users to reach a large audience with minimal effort.

4. **AI and Automation Utilization**: Whippy.ai leverages AI to automate tasks and processes, which, as per user testimonials, have been game-changing.

5. **Unified Inbox**: Managing communications becomes easier with a unified inbox, which allows for seamless management of one-to-one messaging. This inbox supports templates or canned responses, scheduling messages, translating texts, and sending out communications in a streamlined manner.

6. **Comprehensive Communication Solution**: The software encompasses a suite of tools designed to streamline communication efforts. Key products include Team Inbox, Campaigns, Automations, AI Integration, Sequences, Flows, and Reviews.

7. **Ease of Use**: Whippy.ai provides a user-friendly interface. The platform’s design ensures that users can quickly adapt to using the software, supported by extensive training to maximize the utility of all its features.

Whippy  Pricing

Whippy.ai offers its products and services starting at a price of $99.00 per month. Additionally, Whippy employs a credit system for its messaging services. Each message of approximately 160 characters or less, both inbound and outbound, is counted as 1 Credit. Messages containing more than 160 characters of text will be charged a credit for every additional 160 characters or part thereof. For multimedia messages (MMS) that support media files like images, documents, PDFs, etc., both inbound and outbound, the charge is 2 Credits. The credit system applies to messages sent or received from Whippy hosted or provided local US/Canadian numbers. It's worth noting that messages to or from international recipients, toll-free, and short code numbers may incur higher credit costs.

If users exceed their monthly plan's credit allowance, they will not have their service cut off. Instead, they will be charged $50 for each additional grouping of credits they use beyond their initial plan.

Whippy  Customers

A+ Staffing, a hospitality and experiential marketing staffing agency based in Dallas, Texas, is a customer of Whippy. Under the leadership of President Jade Edwards, A+ Staffing utilized Whippy's services for one-to-one texting, mass messaging for job blasts, and shift confirmations to significantly increase their Google reviews by 1200% in less than 90 days.

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