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Telemagic Group AS Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Telemagic Group, often referred to as TMG, is a company focused on providing advanced call center solutions. With a robust offering that includes a complete telephone exchange with advanced routing of calls, TMG makes it possible for businesses to achieve a comprehensive overview of their call center activities. This is facilitated through the use of lucid statistics that are quickly accessible, ensuring that businesses can monitor and optimize their customer service operations efficiently. TMG's solutions are designed to be highly effective and efficient, allowing for operations both from the office and remotely, with just a browser and internet access needed. Their self-developed dialer is highlighted for reaching new heights in outbound call management, featuring several groundbreaking and innovative features that cater to the needs of modern call centers.

On the product front, Telemagic Group offers an array of specialized services that enhance customer interaction and management. Among their hallmark products is the TMG CRM, a campaign-based customer relationship management system that integrates seamlessly with Telemagic’s dialer and multi-channel solutions, offering an all-in-one package. This CRM system is adept at collecting and coordinating information from all campaigns and projects related to a business client, providing a complete overview and powerful analysis and reporting tools without the need for merging various output files. Additionally, Telemagic Group has developed a sophisticated chat solution that employs artificial intelligence to analyze and respond to customer inquiries. This chat solution can connect several channels for communication and features a specially developed chatbot that can handle a high volume of customer interactions simultaneously, ensuring quick responses around the clock. The inclusion of an internal chat feature further aids in improving internal communication, especially beneficial for remote agents.

Telemagic Group AS  Features offers a comprehensive suite of services and features designed to improve customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction across various channels. Their software solutions leverage modern technologies to provide a seamless experience for both users and customers. Below are the key features and services offered by

1. **Outbound Call Management:** developed a highly effective outbound call system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Their self-developed dialer is equipped with groundbreaking features, facilitating the sales process and potentially leading to higher efficiency in reaching new heights.

2. **Modern Communication Integrations:** The platform supports communication through modern REST APIs, allowing for seamless integration with other systems. This capability ensures that businesses can maintain up-to-date and accurate customer information across all channels.

3. **Comprehensive Contact Center Solutions:**'s solution covers a wide array of communication channels, including telephony, SMS, e-mail, chat, and social media. This all-in-one platform aims to create good customer relationships by ensuring that all systems communicate with each other automatically, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

4. **Efficient Process Automation:** By connecting easily with other systems using modern API solutions, automates the communication between different platforms. This includes smart lookups against external registers directly from the customer card, automatic transfer of payment information, and immediate order information dispatch for picking and delivery. This level of integration and automation positions as a natural hub for business operations, ensuring efficient processes.

5. **Scalable and Customizable Solutions:** Their outbound call center solution is robust and offers excellent cloud stability. It is easy to operate, manage, and can be scaled and customized to fit business needs, making it suitable for businesses looking to boost their sales with an effective dialer. Customizable features, such as the ability to set up customer cards and dynamically merge information into communication channels like SMS and emails, cater to the specific needs of each business.

6. **Role-Based Access and Security:** offers features that allow customer service representatives to be assigned different roles, with access controlled per agent. This ensures that the system displays only the functionality, campaign, or project the agent is working on, enhancing both security and efficiency.

In summary, provides a robust, all-in-one solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer service and sales operations. With features ranging from effective dialers for outbound call management to comprehensive integrations for seamless multi-channel communication, caters to the modern needs of businesses aiming to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Telemagic Group AS  Pricing offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of businesses, ranging from small operations with 3 agents to large enterprises with up to 3000 agents. The pricing is designed to scale according to the size and requirements of the business. VoIP and SMS traffic costs are not included in any of the plans and are offered separately.

For new customers, Telemagic provides a "Quick Start" period of 30 days during which the contract can be terminated without any further license costs, although other services like free VoIP minutes are invoiced normally according to the pricelist. After the Quick Start period, the contract becomes a 12-month commitment, automatically renewed unless terminated with a 3-month notice before the contract period ends.

Services are invoiced monthly, with the service for the forthcoming month invoiced at the beginning of that month. If additional services are used, they are invoiced when provided or in the following month after the services have been delivered. The payment deadline for invoices is 10 days.

During the trial period, product support is included. In the first two months of any contract, Telemagic provides extended free support and training for key personnel. Additional support hours are charged at an hourly rate of 85€.

Telemagic Group AS  Customers

Telemagic Group AS, which operates under the domain, simplifies and automates the workday for its business clients through advanced integration solutions. Their services include the seamless transfer of information between TMG’s contact center and the systems used by their business clients, enhancing the efficiency of sales processes by enabling real-time order information transfer. This feature allows products sold to be shipped almost immediately after an order is confirmed, benefiting both the end client and the business client.

Telemagic Group AS offers an easy and cost-efficient multichannel call and contact center solution that is completely cloud-based. This solution caters to a variety of businesses, allowing them to manage incoming and outgoing telephony, email, and SMS through a web application. The specific mention of Banks and Insurance companies indicates that these sectors are among the users of Telemagic Group AS's services. These industries are known for their stringent data retention policies, which Telemagic accommodates by allowing customized data deletion settings per project within their system, contrasting with the default settings that delete all customer data after three months, or retain information for a maximum of 12 months when a sale is registered.

It's clear that Telemagic Group AS positions itself as a versatile provider capable of meeting the varied and specific needs of businesses across different industries, including but not limited to, banking and insurance sectors. Through its comprehensive privacy policy and robust security measures, Telemagic ensures that personal data is securely stored and handled according to GDPR guidelines, appealing to a broad spectrum of businesses concerned with data protection and compliance.

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