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About Outbound Dialer Software operates as a pivotal player in the cloud contact center domain, focusing on enhancing customer engagement by leveraging a multichannel approach that includes phone, SMS, email, and chat. This strategic emphasis on cross-channel communication is aimed at creating more personalized, efficient, and ultimately more effective interactions between businesses and their customers. By branding every interaction, ensures that companies are not perceived as just another unknown number, thereby increasing the likelihood of customer engagement. This personalized outreach is designed to ensure even the most hesitant of recipients - metaphorically speaking, one's college roommate - feels compelled to engage, be it through returning a call or initiating further contact.

The products and services offered by stand out due to their event-driven outbound contact center capabilities, which are meticulously designed to support B2C brands in proactively engaging and converting customers over diverse communication channels such as phone, SMS, or email conversations at critical moments in the customer lifecycle. This approach not only enhances customer engagement but also significantly lifts revenue by 25% or more. distinguishes itself by streaming customer events in real-time, enabling the creation of personalized customer outreach with a no-code journey builder, and providing an agent interface for revenue-driving interactions. By implementing a powerful data model, facilitates the identification of key moments for outreach based on a comprehensive view of the customer's behavior and intent. This level of personalization fosters higher engagement and ultimately drives more revenue, positioning as a valuable tool for enhancing customer relationships while achieving growth objectives.  Features offers a robust suite of features designed to enhance customer engagement and drive sales through a contact center. Here's a closer look at the key features and services offered by

1. **Branded Caller ID**: This feature ensures that your calls are recognized by displaying your brand on the caller ID, significantly increasing answer rates. It also provides the ability to monitor spam labels and access carrier-level performance data.

2. **Journey Builder**: allows for the orchestration of personalized, cross-channel outreach that activates at key revenue-generating moments.

3. **Rich Customer Profiles**: The platform consolidates data from various sources, including CRM, product time-series, and contact center data, into a single customer view.

4. **10DLC Phone Numbers**: With 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) phone numbers, businesses can eliminate the need for short codes. Customers can text back the number that calls them and call the number that texts them, fostering seamless communication.

5. **Omnichannel Outreach**: empowers agents to use email, phone, and SMS in harmony to engage customers across their preferred channels.

6. **Segment Builder**: The platform facilitates the easy construction of dynamic, real-time segments (ranging from VIPs to detractors). Each segment can trigger targeted, omnichannel journeys, with segments updating in real-time to eliminate the need for manual maintenance.  Pricing offers a cloud contact center solution aimed at enhancing customer engagement. While specific pricing details are not directly provided, the emphasis is on driving more revenue through cross-channel engagement. Features highlighted include Branded Caller ID, allowing businesses to present themselves clearly on caller IDs, and support for two-way texting and text message marketing from the same phone number, designed to improve outreach effectiveness. For exact pricing, interested parties would likely need to contact directly, as many cloud service providers customize pricing based on the features and scale required by the business.  Customers is utilized by a variety of high-growth brands and companies across several industries, aiming to enhance their customer engagement through personalized, outbound communications. Notable customers include:

- **Angi** (formerly known as Angie's List), which is focused on connecting consumers with local service professionals for home improvement projects. The company has seen significant benefits from utilizing's services to reach out to customers.

- **Career Karma**, a platform that matches users with coding bootcamps and offers career advice, uses to improve engagement and outcomes for their users.

- **Fidelity Life**, an insurance company, leverages to better connect with potential clients and personalize their outreach.

- **RefiJet**, a company that offers auto loan refinancing, utilizes's solutions to enhance customer interactions and improve conversion rates.

- **Ro** (parent company to Roman), which focuses on telehealth with an aim to make healthcare accessible and affordable, employs to increase engagement with their services.

- **SoFi**, a personal finance company offering a range of lending and wealth management services, has significantly benefited from by increasing their answer rates on outbound phone sales and scaling up their phone sales program.

- **The Farmer's Dog**, a service providing personalized meal plans for dogs, uses to improve sales and customer retention by adding a personal touch to their digital marketing strategies.

These companies leverage's advanced customer engagement platform, benefiting from features like event-driven, branded phone calls and texts to personalize their outreach efforts, enhance customer experience, and drive significant business growth. Socials
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Recent News's Call Branding Tools Deliver 3x Industry Average Answer Rates has launched new call branding tools for B2C sales teams, including Branded Caller ID and Spam Remediation, to increase outbound call answer rates and prevent legitimate callers from being marked as spam. The tools aim to build trust, increase answer rates by an average of 30%, and drive significant revenue for businesses, with features such as reaching all US carriers and A/B testing capabilities.

March 08, 2023 Surpasses $1 Billion in Revenue Driven for Customers, the outbound phone and SMS sales solution, has reached a revenue milestone of $1 billion and powered over 20 million customer conversations. The company has expanded its team 5x year-over-year and added three new members to the leadership team to support its growth.

December 31, 2022 Raises $38.5M in Series A Funding, a provider of outbound phone and SMS sales solution, has raised $38.5M in Series A funding. The company plans to use the funds to invest in its go-to-market and engineering teams.

October 06, 2022