MyQM Call Center Quality Assurance ("QA") Software

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MyQM Call Center Quality Assurance ("QA") Software

MyQM is a company that specializes in enhancing the quality of customer service through advanced monitoring and feedback methodologies. The firm focuses on creating a constructive feedback culture within organizations, enabling supervisors to manage their teams more effectively. With the implementation of a simple yet powerful feedback cycle based on the plan-do-check-act methodology, MyQM streamlines the quality monitoring process, making it more efficient and beneficial for agents. This approach allows agents to plan their tasks, execute them, assess the results, and take necessary actions for improvement, fostering a continuous improvement environment that agents appreciate.

In terms of products and services, MyQM offers a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at supercharging the customer service experience. The platform leverages generative AI to monitor interactions between call agents and customers, ensuring the quality of each conversation is up to standard. Key features include Auto QA for analyzing customer interactions, Auto Coaching for providing personalized coaching programs, and 360° Feedback to increase agent engagement and customer satisfaction. Additionally, MyQM offers compliance checks, online courses for agent training, and an intuitive onboarding process for new users. The platform's ability to quickly launch and collect customer feedback, including Net Promoter Score (NPS) analysis, facilitates a deep understanding of customer sentiment and promotes a proactive approach to quality improvement in customer service.

MyQM  Features offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of call centers through AI-powered tools. Key features of include:

1. **Automatic QA (Quality Assurance):** MyQM employs AI to automatically analyze all customer interactions. This feature allows call centers to improve customer experience (CX), increase revenue, and mitigate compliance risks by providing actionable insights into each conversation.

2. **Conversation Insights:** The platform offers advanced analytics capabilities, enabling call centers to interpret data easily and turn it into a valuable source of revenue. Users do not need extensive data expertise to explore and gain insights from customer interactions. This feature covers 100% of call analysis, ensuring no conversation is left unexamined.

3. **AI-Powered Assistance:** MyQM further boosts quality by providing AI-based support to identify the voice of customers and agents, understand conversation data effortlessly, and recognize call reasons, recall risks, and customer satisfaction levels.

4. **Auto Coaching:** To enhance agent performance, MyQM supports continuous, hands-on personalized coaching programs. These programs are tailored based on individual client interactions, empowering agents to improve their skills continuously.

5. **Action Plans:** The platform enables supervisors to activate action plans for agents based on real conversations. These plans can include training assignments and recommendations aimed at improving performance.

6. **360° Feedback:** MyQM fosters agent engagement and customer satisfaction by providing a simple yet scalable feedback solution. This allows for a comprehensive view of the teams' and clients' perspectives.

7. **Compliance Checks:** Ensuring adherence to regulations and standards is simplified with MyQM's quality monitoring features. The platform facilitates comprehensive assessments and audits, assisting call centers in maintaining compliance.

8. **Online Courses and Onboarding:** The platform offers a library of off-the-shelf learning activities tailored to the customer service industry, alongside a seamless user onboarding process. This ensures that teams are well-prepared and can easily transition into the company's ecosystem.

In essence, stands out as a robust AI-powered Quality Monitoring Platform that addresses the diverse needs of call centers, from quality assurance and regulatory compliance to agent coaching and data analytics, ensuring an overall improvement in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

MyQM  Pricing

MyQM offers a choice between three different subscription plans tailored to meet various needs regarding Quality Monitoring projects. The platform equips supervisors with all necessary tools to minimize compliance risks and enhance agent performance. It operates as an all-in-one platform powered by generative A.I., providing features such as Automatic QA to analyze customer interactions, Auto Coaching for agent support, Action Plans for training and improvement, 360° Feedback for engagement, Compliance Checks for adherence to standards, and a suite of Online Courses for industry-relevant learning. The Artificial Intelligence within MyQM enables comprehensive call conversation analysis to mitigate compliance risks effectively by identifying and highlighting potential issues, ensuring regulatory compliance. Additionally, MyQM offers a built-in add-on survey module for collecting and analyzing customer feedback, supporting strategies for better customer engagement and improved service quality.

MyQM  Customers

Denitza Koeva, a Contact Center Manager, shared her experience with MyQM, noting her organization as one of the first users of the MyQM platform. She emphasized that MyQM is essential to their work, pointing out that it has been instrumental in helping one of their teams make a significant leap in quality through intensive coaching and feedback.

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