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Adversus Outbound Dialer Software is a dynamic technology company specializing in creating software solutions for telemarketing, fundraising, and appointment scheduling businesses. Originating from a simple garage idea in 2015, Adversus has transformed into a robust sales platform that is now serving thousands of users worldwide. The company prides itself on optimizing customer interactions, achieving a remarkable feat of saving customers an estimated 84 years of wait time each month through efficient dialing methods. With a dedication to enhancing product features and supporting a global user base, Adversus operates on a mission to facilitate seamless communication channels for a diverse clientele that spans across B2C and B2B sales, as well as appointment bookings. The platform's high-quality service, intuitive interface, and impeccable uptime, all developed with valuable customer feedback, are testament to Adversus's commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer experience. offers a suite of dialer solutions tailored to meet the various needs of businesses engaged in outbound calling activities. Their products include a Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer, and Manual Dialer, each designed with specific functionalities to enhance productivity and efficiency. The Predictive Dialer utilizes an advanced algorithm to minimize waiting times between calls by adjusting to average talk time, the number of available agents, and other variables. This ensures that call centers can maximize their outreach potential. The Progressive Dialer is aimed at businesses that prioritize readily available agents for calls, automating the dialing process to ensure a smooth operation without manual intervention. For operations that require agents to review lead data before making calls, the Manual Dialer presents an optimal solution by integrating lead information directly into the dialing interface. Moreover, with integration capabilities such as connecting with Zapier, empowers businesses to streamline their workflows by linking their favorite apps, unleashing full potential and efficiency in outbound calling campaigns.

Adversus  Features offers a range of features designed to optimize call center operations, including:

1. **Predictive Dialer**: This feature uses an algorithm to minimize waiting times between calls by adjusting to various factors such as average talk time, the number of available agents, and the number of missed calls. Additionally, settings for the Predictive Dialer can be customized to meet specific needs, ensuring that call center operations are as efficient as possible.

2. **Progressive Dialer**: Aimed at ensuring there's always an available agent to take the call while still reducing waiting time, the Progressive Dialer automates the calling process. Agents simply need to be available; the system handles the dialing, allowing for a smoother workflow and optimizing agent productivity.

3. **Manual Dialer**: For situations where agents need to review lead data before making calls, the Manual Dialer feature is ideal. It provides agents with easy access to lead data directly in the dialer, streamlining the process of making and ending calls.

4. **Automatic Call Recording**

5. **Seamless Information Exploration (Warehouse)**: offers a Warehouse feature that enables a deep dive into all pertinent information, from leads to calls. This feature allows for easy control and access to necessary data with just a few clicks, facilitating better decision-making based on comprehensive insights.

6. **Customizable Dialing Strategy**: provides flexibility in creating a dialing strategy that fits business needs. Users can choose between Predictive, Progressive, and Manual dialing or even combine these methods to tailor their approach to maximize efficiency.

7. **CRM Solution**: Beyond dialing features, is noted to be a comprehensive CRM solution for managing outbound activities more effectively.

Adversus  Pricing

Adversus offers a straightforward pricing model where customers only pay for the number of licenses they need. They provide a free trial of their call center software, allowing users to try it out for 7 days with no setup fees. According to the information available, there is an option to create as many users as desired and only pay for the licenses that are needed. Moreover, Adversus has two pricing editions ranging from $165 to $175. Additional details mention that there are annual pricing plans available, with costs of $90.00 per user per year and $150.00 per user per year, the latter including free telephony to Denmark. There’s also a monthly plan offered at $100.00 per user. Another source hints at pricing starting from €100.00, although it does not specify the basis for this price (e.g., monthly, annually, per user).

Adversus  Customers is utilized by a wide array of clientele, encompassing B2C and B2B sales operations as well as businesses focused on appointment bookings. This diversity in its user base highlights the flexibility and adaptability of Adversus' platform to meet the varied needs of its customers across different domains and objectives.

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