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About Omnichannel Software specializes in providing a unified customer service software solution designed to enhance the support experience for customers across various channels. The company's platform allows agents to communicate efficiently with customers, enabling quicker resolution of issues by transitioning seamlessly across different channels that are convenient for both parties involved. This omni-channel approach ensures that customer interactions are smooth and effective, minimizing disruptions and enhancing overall satisfaction.

The products and services offered by are centered around improving customer engagement and support through advanced technological solutions. Their offerings include multi-channel live chat software, skill-based routing for optimal agent-customer matching, and advanced live chat software that allows for real-time conversations across multiple platforms for a tailored support experience. Additionally, provides ecommerce chatbots designed to meet evolving customer expectations, improving business performance by delivering instant, personalized, and seamless shopping experiences. These chatbots are capable of mimicking human interactions, providing 24/7 customer service, and are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance conversational capabilities.  Features has a number of features for customer engagement and support.'s main feature is its omni-channel communication capability, allowing agents to interact with customers across different channels, thereby facilitating quicker issue resolution by leveraging the most convenient communication methods for both parties.

The live chat platform offers customer profile management and text chat with screen sharing, enhancing personalized customer support and problem-solving. The software is built on a chatbot AI-based platform, aiming to attract new customers via interactive chat-based conversations. It emphasizes reducing customer resolution and response time and boosting sales volumes while offering round-the-clock support and generating leads. prides itself on facilitating a seamless transition to human intervention during live conversations when necessary.

Key features that set apart include the integration with other apps to enhance customer experience, optimization of performance by tracking engagement and resolutions, and a knowledge base accessible via 'mix and match' bots combined with webhooks, NLP, and triggers to create an enriching and personalized customer experience.

Moreover, the software's conversation design is tailored to ensure the provision of live responses, improving efficiency. Additional functionalities such as cobrowsing, VoIP calls, and a unified view capability allow for direct collaboration with customers, ensuring swift problem resolutions.  Pricing offers a range of pricing options for its products and services to cater to various business needs. The primary pricing detailed on the website is a plan that costs $500, including messaging, video, and agent workspace features. Another plan is priced at $2000, encompassing similar features with presumably additional capabilities or support.'s pricing can vary between $25.00 and $250.00, depending on the chosen plan, payment options, and the number of functionalities required by the business.

A free trial is available, allowing users to explore the Team Package features before making a payment decision. Payment can be made via credit card, debit card, or PayPal.  Customers, provides a conversational customer experience (CX) platform. Thir platform is used by customers from various industries. Among its users are major corporations such as Saint Gobain, United Airlines, Samsung, and Audi. These companies span sectors including retail and ecommerce, financial services, and technology.

Additionally, Ashley Home Furniture Canada uses the platform for business operations, including features such as starting a chat, escalating to video for product showcases, and utilizing cobrowse through a finance application. Socials
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