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TrackDrive Call Tracking Software is in the call tracking space and provides an intelligent lead to call automation platform, focusing on enhancing the efficiency of lead nurturing. Their services revolve around optimizing the interaction between businesses and potential clients through sophisticated call handling and analytics.

Among the features and services offered by TrackDrive, are an Agent Control Center, which allows detailed management of call center agents handling both inbound and outbound interactions. This Agent Control Center provides features such as call muting, holding, scheduling callbacks, transferring consumers to buyers, and customizing call dispositions. TrackDrive also provides capabilities for dynamic call distribution, interactive voice response (IVR) prompts, dynamic number insertion, and comprehensive API support.

TrackDrive  Features

Key features of TrackDrive include:

- **Agent Control Center:** Provides a centralized system for call center agents to manage inbound and outbound calls effectively. This includes options to interview consumers, transfer calls, and manage call outcomes through features like mute, hold, and call dispositioning.

- **Dynamic Call Distribution:** which intelligently routes calls based on predefined criteria such as earnings per call, ensuring that leads are assigned to the most suitable agents to maximize conversion opportunities.

- **Dynamic IVR Prompts and Number Insertion:** TrackDrive enhances caller experience by using interactive voice response (IVR) prompts that dynamically adjust based on the caller's needs. Additionally, dynamic number insertion aids in tracking marketing efforts by assigning unique phone numbers to different campaigns.

- **Hold Queue & Caller Callback:** To manage high call volumes efficiently, TrackDrive offers a hold queue feature along with a caller callback function to improve customer service by reducing wait times.

- **Inbound Call Routing:** Calls are routed based on sophisticated algorithms to ensure they are directed to the appropriate agent or department, enhancing the efficiency of handling inbound calls.

- **Lead to Call Automation:** TrackDrive enables automated outreach to prospective leads through calls, SMS, and emails, streamlining the process of lead engagement.

- **Comprehensive REST API:** The availability of a RESTful API facilitates seamless integration with other systems and allows for extensive customization and automation of processes.

- **Multiple Telephone Providers:** The platform supports integration with multiple telephony providers.

- **Real-Time Analytics and Dynamic Number Insertion:** Offering insights into call data and marketing campaign performances.

TrackDrive  Pricing offers a flexible pricing structure that caters to the needs of businesses of different sizes. Their pricing system is based on usage metrics, particularly focusing on how calls originate and the targets for call forwarding. Here is a detailed breakdown of the pricing plans offered by TrackDrive:

- **Pay As You Go Plan**:

- $0.0575 per minute for calls.

- $2.50 per number.

- $0.007 per SMS.

- **$50 Per Month Plan**:

- $0.0505 per minute for calls.

- $2.00 per number.

- $0.0065 per SMS.

- **$250 Per Month Plan**:

- $0.0435 per minute for calls.

- $1.00 per number.

- $0.006 per SMS.

- **$1000 Per Month Plan**:

- $0.0365 per minute for calls.

- $1.00 per number.

- $0.0055 per SMS.

- **$4000 Per Month Plan**:

- $0.0295 per minute for calls.

- $1.00 per number.

- $0.004 per SMS.

- **$8000 Per Month Plan**:

- $0.0225 per minute for calls.

- $1.00 per number.

- $0.0035 per SMS.

Features common across these plans include:

- Agent Control Center

- Dynamic Call Distribution

- Dynamic IVR Prompts

- Inbound Call Routing

- Lead to Call Automation

- Multiple Telephone Providers

- Powerful Formulas for Complex Calculations

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