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Mediahawk is an established call tracking company that has been innovating in the marketing analytics field since 2002. The company is dedicated to providing marketers with clear, insightful data that helps to measure and improve the return on marketing investments. With a focus on helping businesses understand the impact of their promotional activities across various channels, Mediahawk aims to simplify the complexities of modern marketing. Their platform is designed to get businesses closer to their customers by tracking calls and leads, identifying valuable marketing activities, and integrating seamlessly with other marketing tools. This approach allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, leading to more effective lead generation and reduced marketing spend.

Mediahawk offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that enable businesses to track and analyze call data with precision. Their call tracking software is designed to give marketers a granular view of their campaign performance by providing data on call start and end times, call duration, caller area code, and conversion outcomes. Additionally, Mediahawk offers advanced features such as call recording, detailed caller journey analytics, and the ability to integrate with Google’s suite of marketing products. This integration ensures that marketers can access vital call tracking insights alongside their other key metrics in one place. Mediahawk also supports dynamic phone number insertion on websites, a feature that assigns unique phone numbers to each visitor, allowing for accurate tracking of the marketing sources driving calls. This level of detail and functionality empowers marketers to attribute phone leads and sales to specific marketing efforts, optimizing their strategies for better results.

Mediahawk  Features offers a comprehensive suite of call tracking and marketing attribution features that empower businesses to optimize their marketing ROI and enhance customer engagement through data-driven insights. Their solutions include dynamic phone number insertion, which displays a unique phone number to each website visitor. This feature facilitates precise tracking of marketing activities responsible for generating inbound calls, offering a complete view of a visitor’s journey, including the initial source, medium, and engagement on the website. Mediahawk's platform goes beyond standard analytics by integrating call data with digital interactions, providing a holistic view of the customer journey across both online and offline channels.

The software is designed with ease of use, accuracy, and reliability at its core, ensuring that businesses can confidently identify effective marketing strategies and areas for improvement. Mediahawk also places a strong emphasis on client success, offering a Client Excellence Programme that supports businesses from the outset in achieving their marketing objectives. This partnership approach extends to sharing knowledge and experience to enhance marketing performance.

Further capabilities of Mediahawk include marketing attribution, allowing for 100% attribution across online and offline marketing activities. This feature helps businesses uncover the true ROI of their marketing efforts, thereby maximizing campaign performance. The platform enables confident, data-backed decision-making that can lead to improved conversions by providing a complete picture of the customer journey, enriched with insights from every customer conversation.

Celebrating years of innovation since 2002, Mediahawk focuses on delivering clear, reliable insights on marketing performance to improve return on marketing investment for businesses. Their technology not only tracks calls and leads but also categorizes conversations based on their content, integrates seamlessly with other tools, and helps businesses get closer to their customers by understanding the moments that matter.

In summary, offers a feature-rich platform for call tracking and marketing attribution, designed to supercharge marketing performance and customer engagement. Through dynamic phone number insertion, complete marketing attribution, and a focus on client success and partnership, Mediahawk positions itself as an invaluable asset for businesses looking to optimize their marketing efforts and enhance their understanding of the customer journey.

Mediahawk  Pricing

Mediahawk offers a subscription-based pricing model. One of the available pricing plans is the "Static" plan, which costs £50 per month.

Mediahawk  Customers serves a diverse range of customers across various industries, offering them call tracking and marketing analytics solutions. Among the users of their services, specific company names mentioned include:

- AMT Vehicle Solutions: Highlighted for praising both the intuitive interface of the Mediahawk platform and the excellent support received throughout their process with Mediahawk. This automotive solutions provider values the ease of use and the client services team's assistance, which enhances their marketing efforts.

- Caffyns Plc: A group marketing manager from Caffyns Plc commends Mediahawk for delivering exceptional service over the years. The platform meets their call tracking and reporting needs, and they appreciate the responsive and friendly nature of the team at Mediahawk.

- DCBL Ltd: Their marketing manager acknowledges the significant role Mediahawk plays in providing vital data that helps them improve their work and service to clients. The account management, led by Natalie Sawford Smith, is noted for its knowledgeability and responsiveness, supporting DCBL Ltd's needs effectively.

- Portman Dental Care: A paid search marketing manager from Portman Dental Care expresses gratitude for the exemplary service received, highlighting the support from Natalie, Josh, and Rachel. The client feels valued and supported, underscoring the positive impact of Mediahawk's team on their job.

These companies represent a snippet of Mediahawk's client base, showcasing its application in sectors like automotive solutions, retail, legal, and healthcare. Through partnerships with these diverse organizations, Mediahawk enables them to optimize their marketing strategies, understand customer behaviors, and enhance return on investment by leveraging detailed call tracking and analytics insights.

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